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I am a type of Newgrounder that will be the best leader and be famous some day. Just Give Me!!! some time ;).


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Posted by Slirun - May 17th, 2019

Hey , I just want to let you know that I have been a member of newgrounds for 7 years. My life is doing okay , nothing really new happening. I just stop using newgrounds because is not type any more , but I do love how newgrounds is a fun website for me since I was a member since 2012. No regrets signing up for newgrounds at all. I love how newgrounds get people together for cartoons , games , audio , art , portal , and community. I have not made a news post for 2 or 3 years because I just do not have the will power to post my life or show my creation art to you. I love arts and animation , I will always love it , til my death. I have work really hard to get 110,000 + medals and it was really fun to get it. Even when I some times get a red eye from it, I still feel like it is worth it. Not gonna lie Newgrounds is keep changing all the time , like every 6 months or so. Some Newgrounds member know this guy aka (e104joker , jokerwolf , hendertaker). I will call this guy e104joker because he has a really nice user name and that is how I know him as. E104joker makes really fun cartoons, and sadly his account got some how deleted and it is sad. It breaks my heat , a bit. He makes really fun cartoons , of super smash bros St events. He is a great animator. If you ever want to check out , his animation. Check out his youtube channel , right there https://www.youtube.com/user/e104jokerr . Watch his Smash bros St , great story and really fun to check out. I love newgrounds , it will always be connected with me in some way and some how. I will log in newgrounds occasionally , to what is going on. If e104joeker is reading this, hey bro I hope you are doing fine and living a normal life. Cyberdevil , if you are reading this thank you.



Posted by Slirun - October 15th, 2016

Sup guys I just want to say to you that I changed my username from Henrun into Slirun.

      Now since, it has been like 2 years since my last post. I just want to say to you , that I really did not do much. I mean what I just did , was practice some traditional art but I won't share it because I feel like it needs some improvement. I just cool off for about 1 1/2 years of depositing my 5 votes of daily submission. I was like eh, who cares about that voting thingy submission. I didn't really pay attention of what's new in newgrounds because I feel like that there's nothing new going on. Any who, I will try to see what's going on in newgrounds once per week , so I could know what's going on.

Btw, I have been a member of newgrounds for over 4 years literally. I want to have a NG meet up in Pico Day, or in NYC I would love to do that. I want to meet up with Tom Fulp in person and say hey what's sup.

Also I might make some fun videos and post them in youtube. Maybe some day, I will make a real animation. Not a fake one, like oh my you're crazy girl  . I did that animation almost 4 years ago and I look back like , oh gosh this thing sucks like crap. I need to step up my game. Someday, I will be successful animator or artirst or Youtuber entertainer. It will be later, but if I keep saying later, Later will some times become never. I only live once, so if I do it right, I will be successful ;). 

        Peace out, Slirun will be succussful.


Posted by Slirun - August 29th, 2014

  Hello Newgrounds it has been a while that I have not compose news. I'm not trying to say "whoo hoo , Henrun reach level 60 " lol no. I'm trying to say that I know all the levels from 1 to 60. 

thanks to this link ------- > http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/archive/pages/11_levels/levels.htm 

I believe that this link is pretty actraucte because before I found this link. I was marking levels 1 - 22 from a peice a papper. Also every time that I pass 11 levels , I compose a news about leveling up. 



Also arcording to my blog and and this link ----- > http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/archive/pages/11_levels/levels.htm the information about leveling up from 1 - 22 are the same.

Here's the list of levels from 1 - 60


Level 1 - 0 points                 Level 21 - 4,440 points         Level 41 - 17,760 points
Level 2 - 20 Points                Level 22 - 4,900 points         Level 42 - 18,660 points                           

Level 3 - 50 points                Level 23 - 5,380 points         Level 43 - 19,580 points      

Level 4 - 100 points               Level 24 - 5,580 points         Level 44 - 20,530 points  

Level 5 - 180 points               Level 25 - 6,400 points         Level 45 - 21,490 points 

Level 6 - 280 points               Level 26 - 6,940 points         Level 46 - 22,480 points 

Level 7 - 400 points               Level 27 - 7,510 points         Level 47 - 23,490 points  

Level 8 - 550 points               Level 28 - 8,090 points         Level 48 - 24,520 points  

Level 9 - 710 points               Level 29 - 8,700 points         Level 49 - 25,580 points  

Level 10 - 900 points              Level 30 - 9,340 points         Level 50 - 26,650 points  

Level 11 - 1,110 points            Level 31 - 9,990 points         Level 51 - 27,750 points

Level 12 - 1,350 points            Level 32 - 10,670 points        Level 52 - 28,880 points

Level 13 - 1,600 points            Level 33 - 11,370 points        Level 53 - 30,020 points

Level 14 - 1,880 points            Level 34 - 12,090 points        Level 54 - 31,180 points

Level 15 - 2,180 points            Level 35 - 12,830 points        Level 55 - 32,370 points

Level 16 - 2,500 points            Level 36 - 13,600 points        Level 56 - 33,580 points

Level 17 - 2,840 points            Level 37 - 14,390 points        Level 57 - 34,810 points 

Level 18 - 3,210 points            Level 38 - 15,200 points        Level 58 - 36,070 points 

Level 19 - 3,600 points            Level 39 - 16,030 points        Level 59 - 37,340 points

Level 20 - 4,010 points            Level 40 - 16,890 points        Level 60 - 38,640 points


P.s My level as if right now is level 28 , Dam that's high and evently my level will reach level 60 in like a decade lol. 

Btw this link has an icon image being shown of what kind is it , of a certain level you reach http://cssimg.ngfiles.com/icons/stats/levelNUMS.png ; peace out newgrounds and have a nice day :). 


Posted by Slirun - May 12th, 2014

      Hello Newgrounds all I want to say is that I have been a member of newgrounds for exactaly 2 years which is May 12th, 2012 - May 12th 2014 . I love Newgrounds so much because I enjoy leveling up , ranking up , earning medals all the time . I also love some great animators such as Kirbopher   http://kirbopher.newgrounds.com/ , TechLeSSWaYz http://techlesswayz.newgrounds.com/ and more. Boy oh boy Newgrounds is nice community. Love this website.  

Posted by Slirun - January 19th, 2014

Hey Newgrounds , I had made a huge accomplishment. The accomplishment is that I had reach 100,000 medals points. Link here ------- > http://henrun.newgrounds.com/stats/medals 

  • Next goal it's time to reach 150,000 medal points. When ? well uhm any time when ever I feel like it ok lol. 

Posted by Slirun - October 7th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds today I just reach level 22. Also I want to give some updates about leveling up. Tbh trying to level up is kinda annoying but at the same time I must be #1 just like Pimp. Also btw there will be or might not be level up part 3 if I could reach level 33. The reason why i said that is bc I might not reach level 33 part 3 is bc I'm getting real shit and tired depositing 10 points a day. So any who Here's level up part 1

Plan caso leveling up icon picture


It would be nice if some one gives me a link to the Hallow-Ween icon pictures just like I showed

IF u do please pm me or write the comments in my blog BUT DON'T BE A TROLL !!!!!!!!

Now lets begin level up part 2 : Shall we ;).

Level 1 = 0
Level 2 = 20
Level 3 = 50
Level 4 = 100
Level 5 = 180
Level 6 = 280
Level 7 = 400
Level 8 = 550
Level 9 = 710
Level 10 = 900
Level 11 = 1,110
Level 12 = 1,350
Level 13 = 1,600
Level 14 = 1,880
Level 15 = 2,180
Level 16 = 2,500
Level 17 = 2,840
Level 18 = 3,210
Level 19 = 3,600
Level 20 = 4,010
Level 21 = 4,440
Level 22 = 4,900

That's all for now folks lets wait for level up part 3 might come Stay tune ;).

Posted by Slirun - August 22nd, 2013

Ok newgrounds. I had gave myself a promise that i will interview myself. Interveiwing my self was really complicated but I manage to do it ;) :) XD. Please note that: Henrun only interveiw mainly about his life on newgrounds. Briefly about his real life. Rarley Reveiw his ID ( Identification ).

1. When did I found newgrounds ?

Well I found newgrounds in 2009 and plus I enjoy watching some movies and games submissions :D

p.s i wish I joined newgrounds at year 2009 so i could be in a higher level :( but what ever .

2. When and why joined Newgrounds ?

I joined newgrounds because I just want to discover it more and have fun time with it. I also joined newgrounds at May 12 , 2012.

3. How does my life feel to be a member of newgrounds for a year or so ?

to be honest i felt a little bit special to be a member of newgrounds for a year. I love this website so much ^.^ that newgrounds felt like my second home.

4. What do i like about Newgrounds ?

-ranking up
-leveling up
-earning medals
-once in a while spend time in newgrounds chat
-Newgrounds has some cool shopping gears to earn
-bbs forum has entertaining topic to look sometimes also I am not active to look at and post forum like I only post 17 like literally !!!!!

5. What do i hate about newgrounds ?

-newgrounds spammers
-sometimes is boring
-hate when some cool newgrounds items say all items gone >:(
-clock day in august 15 has the most shittist submissions just like newgrounds spammer

6. Who are my true Newgrounds friends ?







7. Do i have any newgrounds enimes ?

uh Just only one ! If i have to explain, I don't feel like it !!!! >:(

8. What is my Identification ?

location : unknown
age: undefined
Gender: Male
religion : (hint) ------ > starts with the letter c and and ends with a letter n and has 2 symbols and the sign is this t u should know it ;).

9. What is the best language that I know ?


10. Do i know any other languages ?

I don't know any other langauges but I did try to participate to learn Spanish and Russian.

11. Do i know Russian Well ?

To be Honest I don't bc that langauge is difficult but at least know a tiny bit. For example briave yet that means hello to a (friend). I tried to learn them from Google search unfortunately it didn't help.

12. Do i know Spanish Well ?

No I don't know Spanish well. But I at least know Spanish better than Russian.

For example :

Halo , me lamo es Henrun. That means hello my name is Henrun. hace fio - cold . los ojos - eyes.
I know spanish better than Russian by taking spanish classes.

13. what is my activity at Newgrounds ?

1. leveling up
2. Ranking up
3. Earning medals
4. Once in a while spend time at ng chatting
5. Shop some gears to earn

14. What is my ideel ?

1. level up to 60
2. Rank as super commander
3. deity whistle
4. becoming a billionare
5. become an animater
6. artist
7. gamer
8. audiotion
9. being # 1 in leveling , ranking , blams , saves , medals and Newgrounds fans

15. Will I ever stop joining Newgrounds ?

I will always joined Newgrounds till I die in real life

16. What does My brain thinks about ?

24% my self
18% about newgrounds
12% about my ideel
12% about money bc i love them and Shantom if ur readng this I will sell you a way for $ 50,000 for your ng to be deleted and and never come back lol
7% about deviantart
5% about youtube
5% about facebook
5% about twitter

oh yeah and one more thing sorry for couple days of delayed about me composing a news when i reach level 21 and it happen a few days a ago

one update :

when i reach level 22 I will compose a news about level up part 2 ;).

Here's part 1

newgrounds go happy and like Me

Posted by Slirun - August 5th, 2013

Hello newgrounds i had changed my newground name from reuven into Henrun bc I think that it's about time to change my ng user name XD. I think that i love it alot <3 <3 < 3 <3

------------------few updates-----------------------------------------
Don't worry i didn't forget about

when i reach level 21

i will interview my self.

when i reach level 22

i will compose a news about level up part 2

TELL ME ABOUT MY NEW NEW NEW NEWGROUNDS USER NAME Henrun XD good bye reuven hello henrun.

Posted by Slirun - July 10th, 2013

Boy oh boy it has been a few months since i haven't compose a news. I also changed my icon picture because I just felt like it. Ok uhm i decided to compose a news that "I want to be cool as ... " bc I know that there are some newgrounds member that are cool. I have tons of list of them and plus I'ill explain the reason why.

here's the list


This is the list of these 10 special newgrounds members of who they are and what they are. If you don't agree with me then just don't write any comments on my news with assults unless if you're super duper nice. ok now lets start with a first person Drjam.

drjam - He is a type of newground member with the most blames. ok newgrounds uhm just bc i said he has the most blames don't try to think to negative. Think about it to the bright side.Do you want to know what's the birght side is , he get to be #1 officaly blams list in rankings . He may sound a notaries person but at least he has more saves then blames so that prove he's not that evil ;).

toolcool100 - He is a type of newground member with the most saves; ok newgrounds uhm just bc i said he has the most saves don't try to think to positive. Think about it to the dark side.Do you want to know what's the dark side is he saves to much newgrounds submissions especially the spams and shitty submissions. oops I'm sorry if i'm a bit hush full but i have to tell u the truth alright now back to the bright side you get to be in #1 official saves list .

Pimp - Dam your level and experinces points are to dam freaking high. It also past 9,000!!!! He's also # 1 officaly high level of experience points

nijsse - He earn so many meadals is like my mouth will be dropping dead and what i made by that expression is I'm jealous of you a lot , like literally and impressed
of how much medals you earn. you're also in official top # 1 medals list.

tigerj15 - He was born talanted to be the professinal sprite series animation. I love them , keep making them and here's the Link watch it and enjoy it and just bc his submission has 3 1/2 stars doesn't mean u should vote 3 or 4. Well in that case it should be a 5 in my opinion bc he use heart and effort to make them unique. Oh yeah if you want to know what does Game mean. It stands for gaming animation most extravagansy at game ep 1 It's also so bad so sad that tigerj15 only have 25 fans. Someone please Follow him then he'ill be happy that he had earn some fans.

e104joker - I love your series of super smash bros st. I love it bc your idea of super smash bros st is uniquly awsome just like egorapter would say. It's seems like he has stop making super smash bros st series. he is also dead at ngs rip :'(. he also compose a news a few months ago then died back again. Hey ng members go watch the 1st eposide I promise you that it is entertainning ;).

kirbopher - 9 years ago he had made a fun series of tta. what it means is tv tome adventures. He had made like 73 eposides plus it's entertaining. Here's the link to the 1st ep of tta Then 7 years later he started working on tome and it's been animated and has voice actors/actress . Here's the here's the link to the tome 1st ep. if you want to know what tome means. it stands for terrain of magical expertys. Then 2 years later he's still working on tome. lets hope this guy won't be dead at ngs just like alvin-earthworm , e104joker , egorapter and sambakza .

alvin-earthworm - He is very famous person for making super mario bros Z and i love them a lot. Epecially when he makes an event with mario and sonic vs bowser and dr.eggman . Here's the link to watch his first ep of super bros z.
he's also dead at ngs rip and plus here is the reason why.

link2370 - He is very well talanted and professional making his own series of smb: the mush room hero and if you want to know what does smb means. it is super mario bros. here's the link of his smb: the mushroom hero eps 1 - 12 besides is entertaining. wait , hold on there's kinda bad sitition that we might have. he is kinda dead at ng bc it has been almost a year since he didn't make smb: the mushroom hero eps 13. I hoped that he is still a live at ngs or maybe rip.

Sambakza - very cool animater of there she is He constanly earn 1 st daily place and weekly 1st to :D. Then again another ng member died rip. there she is the originally part 1

egoraptor - makes so many parades of "awsome" which is Metal Gear Awsome Awesome chaotix and other and he doesn't only make
parades but he also make girl chan in paradise and plus it is fun and entertaing be sure to watch his girl chan in paradise eps 2 and final girl chan in paradise eps 3
. Then he stop making girl chan in paradise. Then eventually dead at newgrounds.
something shocking :O

I met one of the ng staff member at new grounds chatting which is Luis the link it's right here :P
About my stats:
animation:It's onlyoh my you're crazy girl
game: i don't make them
art: nice and basic but not scouted the link is here
meadals : average high meadal earner 72,580
music: i don't make them
whistle : proud to be normal
rank : potral security
other updates:

when I reach level 21 i will interveiw my self and I think that is about time to review my self :D.

When I reach level 22 I will compose a news about level up part 2. I should be doing that every time i passed 11 levels.

here's level up part 1

Posted by Slirun - April 20th, 2013

Ok I really have something to say good and bad. I don't f*#ken know where to start * sigh

The Bad Part

I have been a member of newgrounds for almost a year exactly. OK to it's 4/20/2013. I would love to compose a news at 5/12/2013 so that I will be the member of newgrounds for 1 year exactly. However I can't because I'm moving to a new house temporally and I would have also no internet.I would be moving in about 10 days (maybe a little bit sooner or a little bit later). I might come back to newgrounds in about 4 months ( maybe less or maybe more ) . Oh yeah and 1 more thing I just recently own the gear of castle crasher , Dan 'n me and NG key chain. The mystery box is being ship. But If I'm moving to a new place. How on earth will i pay my bill of the stuff I order. Like come on if i don't pay the bills on time that means the Newgrounds staff member will be piss of. * finger cross If i could pay my bill.

The Good Part

I really enjoy newgrounds because I enjoy depositing points to level up , earn saves , order cool Newgrounds gears , I have 45,055 medal points I met some nice ng friends and especially movies , games , art and music. I also love to earn I also love to earn fans . Even Newgrounds chatting

My favorite list of friends in order

1. Anjidu <----------- Female

- So sweet and kind to me
-Every time I send her a pm. She replies back
- Thank you for friending me at newgrounds and fanning me
- She's a great voice actress and artist

2. blauwwolkje92 <-------------- Female

-nice ng chatter
- very nice and kind and to everyone
-Great artist
-Thank you for fanning me

3. iEpicLove <------------------ Female

- I love when you pm me
-You're lovely
-You're awsome
-Thanks for fanning me

4. Blue-Knight <----------- Male

-The cool ng chatter
-Thanks for fanning me

5. 3DPitDudez <-------- Male

-The cool ng chatter
-Thanks for fanning me

6. Any one can be my #6 favorite person all you just have to to is just Follow me