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I am a type of Newgrounder that will be the best leader and be famous some day. Just Give Me!!! some time ;).


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Posted by Slirun - May 17th, 2019

Hey , I just want to let you know that I have been a member of newgrounds for 7 years. My life is doing okay , nothing really new happening. I just stop using newgrounds because is not type any more , but I do love how newgrounds is a fun website for me since I was a member since 2012. No regrets signing up for newgrounds at all. I love how newgrounds get people together for cartoons , games , audio , art , portal , and community. I have not made a news post for 2 or 3 years because I just do not have the will power to post my life or show my creation art to you. I love arts and animation , I will always love it , til my death. I have work really hard to get 110,000 + medals and it was really fun to get it. Even when I some times get a red eye from it, I still feel like it is worth it. Not gonna lie Newgrounds is keep changing all the time , like every 6 months or so. Some Newgrounds member know this guy aka (e104joker , jokerwolf , hendertaker). I will call this guy e104joker because he has a really nice user name and that is how I know him as. E104joker makes really fun cartoons, and sadly his account got some how deleted and it is sad. It breaks my heat , a bit. He makes really fun cartoons , of super smash bros St events. He is a great animator. If you ever want to check out , his animation. Check out his youtube channel , right there https://www.youtube.com/user/e104jokerr . Watch his Smash bros St , great story and really fun to check out. I love newgrounds , it will always be connected with me in some way and some how. I will log in newgrounds occasionally , to what is going on. If e104joeker is reading this, hey bro I hope you are doing fine and living a normal life. Cyberdevil , if you are reading this thank you.



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Glad to see you're still stopping by here. :) I think the thing I posted about last time was how incredibly close you were to reaching 10K EXP, and 10K medals, if you ever decide to take a shot at reaching the: http://hexalist.ngpot.com/ Thanks for stopping by and still appreciating this place too! Happy 7th Anniversary!

I don't think I'd seen E104jokerr's work before here... wonder why he was deleted, if it was his decision or someone else's. Maybe someone signed up with his name here, and posted his cartoons acting like him? I know that's happened with at least a couple other artists who didn't really want to be here. But if that's not it... real shame. He seems like a good animator too.

Hope so too, and all the best to you too!

Well, I'm an IRL friend of Hender, and he kind of disappeared almost all his social media accounts a couple of months ago...
Luckily he's been giving signs of life on his Youtube channel as of lately.