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I am a type of Newgrounder that will be the best leader and be famous some day. Just Give Me!!! some time ;).

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Die on spike while burning

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Die 50 times

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Hey , I just want to let you know that I have been a member of newgrounds for 7 years. My life is doing okay , nothing really new happening. I just stop using newgrounds because is not type any more , but I do love how newgrounds is a fun website for me since I was a member since 2012. No regrets signing up for newgrounds at all. I love how newgrounds get people together for cartoons , games , audio , art , portal , and community. I have not made a news post for 2 or 3 years because I just do not have the will power to post my life or show my creation art to you. I love arts and animation , I will always love it , til my death. I have work really hard to get 110,000 + medals and it was really fun to get it. Even when I some times get a red eye from it, I still feel like it is worth it. Not gonna lie Newgrounds is keep changing all the time , like every 6 months or so. Some Newgrounds member know this guy aka (e104joker , jokerwolf , hendertaker). I will call this guy e104joker because he has a really nice user name and that is how I know him as. E104joker makes really fun cartoons, and sadly his account got some how deleted and it is sad. It breaks my heat , a bit. He makes really fun cartoons , of super smash bros St events. He is a great animator. If you ever want to check out , his animation. Check out his youtube channel , right there https://www.youtube.com/user/e104jokerr . Watch his Smash bros St , great story and really fun to check out. I love newgrounds , it will always be connected with me in some way and some how. I will log in newgrounds occasionally , to what is going on. If e104joeker is reading this, hey bro I hope you are doing fine and living a normal life. Cyberdevil , if you are reading this thank you.


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plan and basic

Added to map design for Hurry Up Bob: Map Editor Aug 2, 2013.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Feb 7, 2013.


Added to levels for Little Cannon Jan 13, 2013.