I am a type of Newgrounder that will be the best leader and be famous some day. Just Give Me!!! some time ;).


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Die on spike while burning 10 Points

Die on spike while burning

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Die 50 times

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Die 10 times

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Die 10 times in a single level. That's pretty impressive....

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Die once

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Visit credit page

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Hey guys and gals, I do not really use Newgrounds because I lost interest about it over time. It is really crazy that it is July 7th , 2022 and people still use Newgrounds. Newgrounds is changing over time like every 6 months but probably in a good way because people enjoy them and becomes more user friendly over time. I also like that yearly membership in Newgrounds is affordable but not every one can afford it or people in general can use money on other stuff like video games and gas for cars.

I have been a member since May 12th , 2012 so that means I have been a member of Newgrounds for like a little over 10 years , oh my god , I feel like old man to be a member of Newgrounds.

I made a post because I want to let people know that I am still alive. Although I am inactive in Newgrounds because majority of their stuff are cartoons , games , art , audio and post forum (similar to like Reddit). You can also message people and make some friends in Newgrounds which is sweet. I do not have time to use Newgrounds but I will occasionally make post to let people know that I am alive. I am interested in becoming a VUL ( Video Up Loader ) yes VUL word is a made word up by me. such as email , Autism , and ADHD for example it was also a made up word as well. I refuse to become a Youtuber because every 6 months they get worse over time , and I am sick of Youtube already (Although I use Youtube every day to watch cat videos , Brett Cooper from Daily Wire and Michael Knowles from Daily Wire and Fox news as well and sometimes Tucker Carlson). Youtube's moral values is worse than Newgrounds' moral values please take my word for it my dear reader. Youtube is so bad , so ugly that even David Wood (acts17) hates it. I might become a Vuller one day ( Vuller is a noun for VUL) . I will be successful one day , just need some time buddy ;) .

I know plenty of websites like Youtube but better Bitchute , rumble , Gab.tv , and Odysee.

My life is alright, I just wish I am smart like Albert Einstein and strong like Dwayne the rock Johnson , and handsome looking like Kevin Sorbo , and have great art skills like Leonardo da Vinci. I think that it is to much to wish for but you get the point.

Please be happy and may god guide you. If you are an atheist, try to be successful and build companionship not by schizophrenia , not by psychosis but by pets ( cats, dogs and rabbits etc. ) , humans not criminals , mom , dad , neighbor and your siblings. I hope every one's is doing okay ; god will save us through disaster. Humanism , conservatism , and advance civilization will also work as well pal ✌️😁👍.

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Added to map design for Hurry Up Bob: Map Editor Aug 2, 2013.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Feb 7, 2013.


Added to levels for Little Cannon Jan 13, 2013.

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